Work Directly with Our Designer On Premises

Direct with Designer Custom Jewelry Designs and On-Site Repairs

At most jewelers you work with a technician goldsmith or salesperson with no direct knowledge to create your jewelry piece … at Khoury Bros., our chief designer with 45 years of personal design and diamond cutting experience guides you through the process, backed by a team of 15 artisans.

Designing in Steps that go Beyond CAD Drawings and Models

Our Design expertise goes beyond just knowledge of how things are made. It is the ability, acquired from decades of experience, to take a design request and go further into articulating a style concept to flatter and complement the wearer.   

While straightforward design requests might hep communicate the basic look of a piece, it won’t convey finish, scale, and certainly how it will appear when worn. What it misses – and what custom designed jewelry must be about – is the designer’s unique sense that brings forth the passion and painstaking steps that go into the creation.

The Khoury Difference: It’s Our Artisans

Built on 6 generations of experience and 45 years serving the greater DC area, we make most of our own jewelry at our affiliated manufacturing studio in New York with 15 artisans of the highest caliber: One casts gold, the other platinum. Another does channel setting, and yet another does only pave. At various times, as many as three different stone setters are used for one piece.

For convenience our on-premises master goldsmith with state-of the art laser welding equipment is here to perform professional repairs and always free check-ups and steam cleaning.

Visit our showroom featuring original designs from vintage motifs to traditional and contemporary styles- and complimentary espresso bar- or make an appointment today!