A Thousand

Individuality is the core of our ethos.

It has been reflected through the lens of generations of experience and a dedication to our artistry.

A different
point of view.

Because each individual’s tastes vary, we energetically take up the challenge of designing items that will not only fit the wearer, but become the person.

A Million Notes.

Whether it be jewelry or music, composition and creativity spring to the fore. Emotion, mood, and desire crash forth in a symphony of beauty expressed in the moment. Refined through the artist, life is given breath to each piece.

Just a Minuet.

It doesn’t take long to see what the Khoury Bros. difference truly is. The pride we have in our artistry and our generations of experience is evident in each item we produce.


As in all types of art, jewelry design is as varied as the vision of the artist. It becomes a celebration of the individual.


Having been in the business as long as we have offers a unique perspective when approaching a project. With daring, we dash forward and more than surpass our customer’s desires.


We believe that style comes from within and fashion is merely its outward expression. That is why we relish the challenge of redefining design and those things that have become the norm.